Kamushungushungu, the Long-Crested Eagle: A Tale from Uganda

One such story, shared by Lynn Kemigisha from Uganda, speaks to the playful mystique surrounding Kamushungushungu. Children would eagerly seek guidance from the eagle, asking whimsical questions about their future paths. They believed that the Long-crested Eagle, held the key to revealing the origin of their future partners.

Taking Nature Education to Rural Libraries in Karnataka

Early Bird recently collaborated with the Karnataka Panchayat Raj Commission to foster linkages between children and nature through rural libraries. We trained 500 rural librarians in Karnataka to serve as bird educators who will provide children with the opportunity to learn all about birds through their libraries.

Meet an Educator: Mihir Pathak

Mihir Pathak is an educator and writer from Vadodara, Gujarat. He has been using different experiential tools, such as theatre, inquiry-based projects, and nature-based activities, to facilitate learning journeys with children for many years. He believes that transformation happens through relationships—the relationship between a child and a teacher.