Meet an Educator: Mihir Pathak

Mihir Pathak is an educator and writer from Vadodara, Gujarat. He has been using different experiential tools, such as theatre, inquiry-based projects, and nature-based activities, to facilitate learning journeys with children for many years. He believes that transformation happens through relationships—the relationship between a child and a teacher.

Meet an Educator: Sabina Fathima

Sabina Fathima is an educator from Chennai. She curates experiential learning journeys for children through interdisciplinary projects. She is the founder of Sunnyside, a micro school that runs in the format of a learning centre. In her school, learning happens in a non-coercive and pressure-free environment, beyond textbooks and curriculums.

Meet an Educator: Sumit Dookia

Sumit Dookia is a nature educator from western Rajasthan. He has led landscape-level awareness campaigns to conserve threatened species and advocates incorporating more local stories into educational materials. He feels that a skilled narrator can turn a dull session into a fun one, making learning enjoyable for learners and educators.  

Meet an Educator: Tahaj Hussain

Tahaj Hussain is a nature educator from Assam and GreenHub fellow working in the Upper Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh. He says that he never knew something like nature education existed until he stepped into it unknowingly through the Responsible Tourism Fellowship by GreenHub and finds much value in it.

Meet an Educator: Sahithya Selvaraj

Sahithya Selvaraj is a nature educator from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. She organises art and nature workshops for school students and the general public. She helps students recognize the beauty, complexity, and importance of the ecosystems in which they live. She aims to connect people to nature on a personal level.