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We develop innovative, multilingual educational materials, both print and digital, that can be used to engage learners in the field, in the classroom or at home. Our resources are designed to help them explore the rich birdlife of India, employing a range of techniques like games, creative activities and science-based multi-media.


We train educators and amateur birdwatchers to introduce children to birds, and have conducted workshops across India in partnership with like-minded organizations. Through these workshops and our 'Handbook for Bird Educators’, we are establishing a foundation for collaboration and community building around nature education.


We develop networks to reach as many people as possible by partnering with local groups working with children. As part of direct outreach, we host thematic sessions on a range of topics related to birds and birdwatching, and are setting up a Young Birders’ Network as a hub for enthusiastic learners.

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Want to get closer to birds? Looking for fresh and fun ways to understand the natural world? Are you an educator who wants to expand engagement with your learners? Our learning tools and resources are appropriately designed for beginner birdwatchers of all ages, and are especially useful for children. They have been developed keeping in mind educators from all backgrounds, to be used in any learning environment. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore!

The Wonder of Birds

A multimedia adventure featuring birds from India and around the world.

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Indian birds and calls from unique habitats -- check out our interactive posters in multiple languages!


Thank you for all the learning. It (Young Birders’ Workshop) has changed our lives so much. We have found 30 bird varieties around our house itself which we were completely unaware of. This is the best summer vacation we had, exploring our own neighbourhood. My son had a grudge that we did not take him to a national park like his friends but now no regrets.

Rupinder Kaur


The teachers who attended your workshop took the initiative to recreate the learning with our students in a week-long programme. To say it was a success would be an understatement. The biggest satisfaction was to see the expression on the faces of our kids. A very big thank you.

Joyeeta Dasgupta

Headmistress, Techno India Group Public School, Kolkata

I wanted to heartily thank you for including J and S in your Early Bird workshop last year. You've inculcated a true love for birding in them both and I only wish all of us could have attended! I have tremendous respect for the work you are doing and the ongoing capacity building that many people from diverse backgrounds have clearly been benefiting from.

Ishika Ramakrishna

Center for Wildlife Studies

I have personally witnessed the joy in the faces of children when they recognize a familiar bird (in the Early Bird pocket guides/cards). I sincerely believe that experiences like these will not just help in childrens' learning but will go a long way in sustaining their interest in the environment.


Thulir Trust (Sittlingi, Tamil Nadu)

Innovative, informative and a very nice game to teach kids about birds. It also explains about their habitat and food and where they are found. It was a very enjoyable game (Early Bird flashcards), all of us loved it!

Vidhya Sundar

Nature educator

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