This Handbook is for those who are passionate about birds and nature and are seeking fresh ways to spread that to a larger audience. It is a curation of ideas, activities, projects, games and overall best practices that can be carried out by one or few educators, over short durations of time, and at little or no cost. It has been conceived especially for those who feel limited by their lack of knowledge, or do not know where to begin in connecting children with nature and the endlessly fascinating world of birds. 

The ideas and techniques presented here are based upon inputs from seasoned nature educators and can be adapted to varying contexts, languages and demographics. We hope this handbook will be of interest to a wide range of practitioners of nature education, from amateur bird watchers to teachers, naturalists or parents. With it, we hope you can inculcate and improve skills and techniques needed to introduce beginners of all ages, and particularly children, to birds and nature.

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