The lockdown of April 2020 posed a challenge to our face-to-face workshops, and brought with it the opportunity to expand and reach out to a large audience in an online format. Forced to spend time at home, people began to notice and appreciate birds and nature in their surroundings. Adapting quickly, we launched a series of webinars introducing beginners of all ages to birds. In six months, we had conducted 33 live sessions in 5 languages (English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu) for hundreds of viewers. Recordings of the webinars can be found on our YouTube channel, here is a glimpse of the topics covered. Also do check out Bird Count India’s compilation of bird-related webinars conducted since 2020.


Balcony Birding
A short introduction to watching birds from your home. Learn to identify the common birds around you, and how they look and sound. [This talk is also available in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu].

Birding through Art
How can you learn more about birds with your art practice? Or do you want to learn art by watching birds? In this session, we cover creative activities to help ignite the interests of children in birds. Keep your pencil and paper ready! [Also available in Kannada].

Ecology and behaviour of birds
Why do birds have feathers? What do birds eat? How well can birds see? Join this session to learn a little more about the behaviour and ecology of birds! [Here’s Part 2. Also available in Hindi, Kannada (part1, part 2), Tamil (part1, part2) and Telugu (part1, part2)].


Become a Know-it-Owl
When the night falls quiet, owls sing. They hide in the hollows and hunt in the dark. Their flights are silent and hoots are scary. Listen to Dr. Prachi Mehta (WRCS) talk about the mysterious world of owls!

Knock-Knock! Who’s there?
Woodpeckers are known for their cavity-building and bark-gleaning habits, and often referred to as ‘ecosystem engineers’. Dr. Ghazala Shahabuddin talks about the natural history of woodpeckers and the reasons they are often called keystone species.

How to be a Weaverbird
Being a weaverbird is tough! If you are a male, you learn how to weave a nest. If you are a female, you battle to raise your babies on your own. In this talk, Dr. Suhel Quader takes us through a gripping story of bravado, intrigue and betrayal that is the life of a weaverbird.


How to sketch a bird
Do you consider yourself an ‘F’ grade in art? Through this session we hope to convince you that everybody can draw! Learn with Abhisheka Krishnagopal how to make simple sketches of birds, in just a few strokes. [Also available in Kannada]

Zentangle art activity
Try this easy-to-learn, relaxing and fun art activity that involves making structured patterns to create beautiful images. In this video, Parveen Shaikh of BNHS takes us through a zentangle session to create a design of her favourite bird – the Indian Skimmer.

Build an insect hotel
What do insects need to thrive? Labonie Roy introduces you to a fun matching game about animal homes, and teaches you how to make simple structures to provide shelter to little insects around you!