At Early Bird, we’re inspired by innovative approaches to nature education, connecting with diverse audiences. Our work has brought us into collaboration with a myriad of bird and nature educators, resulting in hosting workshops, creating regional language resources and the ‘Handbook for Bird Educators’, a collection of sheer variety of ideas, tips and tricks.

Additionally, our ‘How to be a Birding Buddy’ workshop fosters capacity building for anyone passionate about introducing birds to children. As part of this, they receive access to tools and resources to sustain this connection with nature and become part of the ‘Birding Buddies’ community. We consistently seek new avenues to engage educators, fostering an ever-expanding network.

For sustained long-term involvement, we conduct online sessions, touching on fundamental aspects of nature education in an Indian context. These sessions provide educators with opportunities to connect, share, and learn, envisioning a collaborative future that enhances nature and bird education practices across India. If you missed these sessions, don’t worry, here’s a playlist comprising all the sessions we have done.

Crafting Engaging Bird Walks: Tips for Birding with Children (April 2024)

Exploring the tips and tricks for leading engaging walks.

The session explored the challenges and strategies for conducting engaging nature and bird walks, emphasising creativity, flexibility, and instilling empathy in children.

Am I a Nature Educator?
(February 2024)

Nurturing and empowering a community of nature educators.

The panelists shared stories and strategies to empower educators to embrace a Nature Educator’s identity confidently. The conclusion — ANYONE can be a nature educator!

Libraries as Gateways to Bird Education
(December 2023)

Exploring how libraries can help connect children with nature.

The session explored the role of libraries in introducing children to birds and nature, with panelists sharing their experiences of engaging with children through libraries as a gateway to the natural world.

Birding for All – Inclusivity in Bird Education – Part 2 (October 2023)

Continuing the conversation on inclusivity in bird education.

Following the August session, the conversation delved deeper into challenges and strategies, with panelists sharing ideas and potential collaboration strategies to understand better how inclusivity in bird education can be achieved.

Birding for All – Inclusivity in Bird Education (August 2023)

Starting a dialogue to make nature education inclusive.

The session served as a platform to initiate a conversation on inclusivity in bird education. The panelists, drawing from their experiences, sparked an intense discussion around the theme.

Taking the classroom outside – Birdwatching in Lesson Plans (June 2023)

An insight on taking birds to classroom and classroom to birds.

The session discussed practical approaches for integrating nature into the school curriculum, fostering enriching experiential learning both within and beyond conventional classrooms.

Challenges in Nature Education
(April 2023)

Exploring the nuts and bolts of challenges faced by nature educators.

Panelists delved into the significant challenges encountered in conducting nature engagements with children. Their diverse backgrounds brought forth various issues, revealing unique struggles and shared concerns.

Nature Education & Well-being
(October 2022)

Exploring perspectives and practices of well-being in nature education.

The panelists brought with them a staggering diversity of nature education practices from the point of view of mental health. The session facilitated interactivity and explored practices, philosophies and concepts on the subject.

Games & Nature Education
(September 2022)

Exploring the power of play in facilitating impactful learning experiences.

The session showcased panelists’ diverse expertise in nature education and game design as they shared the board and card games developed and adaptations of traditional folk games while emphasizing the importance of play in learning.

Celebrating Diversity in Nature Education
(August 2022)

Connecting with our local environment, biodiversity & unique natural heritage through nature education.

Each panelist brought a diverse range of experiences in nature education, including roles as an undergraduate Zoology professor, and a Forest Ranger, efforts to address the learning gap for tribal children, and curating a Natural History Museum with a focus on biodiversity documentation.

Art & Nature Education
(July 2022)

How can art forms and creative expression be woven into nature education?

The discussion spanned how to contextualise nature and art as two powerful tools to adapt to varying contexts and audiences.

Community Building through Nature Education (June 2022)

A showcase of impressive work on community building and nature education.

The discussions revolved around aspects such as how to sustain nature education in the long term or how one moves from bird education to broader community mobilisation.

We will continue to update this blog with details of future events for educators or related to nature education. You can even stay updated via our social media handles, we are @EarlyBirdIndia on Instagram and Facebook, @EarlyBirdNCF on Twitter and don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel that has plenty of resources and playlists on bird education.

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One Thought on “Online Sessions on Nature Education”

  • Very much motivated by your work. I attended your online workshop BIRDING BUDDY some months back. I have designed a 1 hour programme KNOW YOUR BIRDS which I conduct for High Schools, Nature Clubs of Colleges and BMC of Panchayats.
    I am using the resources from Early Bird.
    I am a retired Principal of a Higher Secondary School in Goa and also a passionate bird watcher.

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