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Bird Walk at Poolavari Lake, Salem (c) Angeline Mano M

On the occasion of Earth Day, Early Bird is excited to announce eight bird walks across India that will be led by naturalists. These walks will be held in Agartala, Mysore, Panaji, Kolkata, Salem, Srinagar, Tirupati and New Delhi on 21 April 2024 starting from 6.30 am.

The walks are being organised with the help of partner organisations in each of the cities.

Kolkata | Rabindra Sarovar | Birdwatchers’ Society | 6:30 AM

New Delhi | Sanjay Van | 7:00 AM

Salem | Poolavari Lake | Salem Ornithological Foundation | 6:30 AM

Srinagar | BadamWari | Wildlife Research and Conservation Foundation, Nature Classrooms | 8:00 AM

Mysuru | Lingambudhi tank | Dharitri Collective | 7:00 AM

Agartala | Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary | Wild Tripura Foundation | 6:00 am

Tirupati | Nagaravanam | IISER Tirupati | 6:00 am

Panaji | Carambolim Lake | Arannya Environment Research Organisation | 8:00 AM

Who are these walks for?

These walks are designed for children between 10 and 13 years of age and go beyond mere identification of birds. The walks will look at topics such as bird habitat, behaviour and life cycle as well as include games and activities for children to provide them a holistic understanding of birds. The children will be guided by naturalists throughout the walk. 

Understanding bird habitats using flashcards – Bird walk at Jakkur Lake (c) Roshni Ravi

“I enjoyed the session a lot because we could spot the birds and their sounds and see the same birds in the book.”

 – Participant from a walk in Tirupati in 2023

“All the birds that we saw were amazing. I had never thought that there were so many birds in the middle of a crowded city. I liked the bulbul the most.”

– Participant from a walk in Dehradun in 2023

Drawing a sketch of the Yelahanka Lake (c) Varsha Sridhar

Contact Information

Misha Bansal (Project Coordinator, Early Bird, Nature Conservation Foundation) | misha@ncf-india.org

City Coordinators

Angeline Mano M (Salem) | angelinem.sof@gmail.com

Bharatendra Singh Parihar (Kolkata) | birdwatcherssocietywb@gmail.com

Dipak Sinha (Agartala) | dipak60abu@gmail.com

Karnika Palwa (New Delhi) | k.palwa@gmail.com

Kiran Bagade (Mysuru) | kiranbaagade@gmail.com

Harshada Gauns (Panaji) | harshada3120@gmail.com

Hareesha AS (Tirupati) | hareesha@labs.iisertirupati.ac.in

Mehreen Khaleel (Srinagar) | wrcfkashmir@gmail.com

About the partner organisations

Birdwatchers’ Society has been formed to study, observe, record and archive all aspects of birds, especially in West Bengal. BWS’s main activities are Monthly Bird walks; Bird Talks through Seminars; Educating Children via ‘School of Birds’ Program; Field Camps to educate the members. BWS also participates in Annual Winter Waterfowl Counts; GBBC (Great Backyard Bird Count); Dawn Chorus; and PBBC (Poila Baishak Bird Count).

Wild Tripura Foundation is a government-registered Trust based in Tripura which aims at documentation and conservation of the unique flora and fauna of the state and spreading awareness among the common people, local community, and the younger generation.

Dharitri Collective is a social enterprise, with a mission to provide nature education to all age groups through outreach.

Arannya Environment Research Organisation is a non-profit based in Goa, that focuses on environment education, biodiversity research and community engagement.

IISER Tirupati is the sixth in the chain of IISERs established by the Govt. of India under the Ministry of Education for imparting quality education in basic sciences and for setting up state-of-the-art research facilities for frontline and cutting-edge research in science.

Salem Ornithological Foundation (SOF) is a youth-led, registered (034938), non-profit organisation under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. Our goal is to contribute to the knowledge and conservation of birdlife, environment, biodiversity and climate change through education, research and innovative solutions.

Wildlife Research and Conservation Foundation (WRCF) is a registered non-profit organisation founded to conserve wildlife and habitat. Our motto, Retchrawun, is to conserve nature. We engage in conserving wildlife through various measures such as engaging with local communities by conducting knowledge exchange programs, educational field trips, and engaging with policy makers. Our activities so far have focused majorly on highlighting the biodiversity of Jammu and Kashmir, its protection and conservation.  

Nature Classrooms works towards integrating elements of Nature Learning with the existing Environmental Studies (EVS) curriculum of primary schools across India.

These walks are supported by the Oriental Bird Club.

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