On April 21, 2024, in celebration of Earth Day, we hosted exciting bird walks for children in eight Indian cities: Agartala, Mysore, Panaji, Kolkata, Salem, Srinagar, Tirupati and New Delhi.

These walks aimed to connect children with nature through a fun and engaging mix of activities and games alongside birdwatching.

Here are some snippets from each city.

Salem, Tamil Nadu

Young birders took flight at Poolavari Lake! After learning about bird behaviour and sketching birds using flashcards, the group embarked on a walk around the lake. They spotted many birds, from Little Grebes diving underwater to flocks of Little Cormorants fishing. A White-throated Kingfisher perched on a stick showcased its namesake feature, while Indian Pond-Herons, Eurasian Coots, and even a Woolly-necked Storks made an appearance. The curious participants peppered the guides with questions, and by the end, their thirst for birdwatching knowledge was well-watered! 

Children thoroughly enjoyed the session. It was incredibly informative. The facilitator’s ability to transfer knowledge in a child-friendly manner was impressive. This bird walk has had a lasting impact on my child, who now eagerly spots birds whenever we are outdoors. We are expecting more such sessions in upcoming days.

Parent from the Salem walk

Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

Earth Day celebration happened at Nagaravanam in Tirupati. After a fun icebreaker where kids made new friends, they set off on a birdwatching adventure. They explored the woody habitat, spotting a number of different birds. Back at the centre, the curious junior scientists became nature journalists, sketching their discoveries and using prompts to write thoughtful observations. 

Agartala, Tripura

The bird walk at Sepahijala Sanctuary was a vibrant exploration of wings and wonders! Starting at the wetland, kids spotted darters, cormorants, and whistling ducks on a fun boat ride. Next, they ventured into the forest, where calls and songs filled the air, revealing barbets, robins, and even an Indochinese roller. To wrap it up, participants played interactive games that had everyone chirping with excitement! Despite the heat and limited binoculars, careful planning and a focus on fun made this bird walk a success!

Panaji, Goa

An exciting birdwatching adventure unfolded at Carambolim Lake! Participants played a fun icebreaker where they found partners and mimicked their favorite birds. Armed with pocket guides and a field scope, they learned about amazing birds like the Bronze-winged Jacana. Next, a rousing game of Bird Bingo had everyone searching high and low for wetland birds. The cherry on top? Spotting a crocodile basking in the sun! Despite surprise rain forcing an early wrap-up, the energetic participants and engaging activities made this bird walk a memorable one!

Loved being a part of the Earth walk! Harshada was very knowledgeable and great with kids. The tiny nuggets of info throughout the session were well received. The brochure about the bird varieties will be forever cherished. Thoroughly enjoyed the bird bingo as well!

Parent from the Panaji walk

Srinagar, Kashmir

Boys of Al Masoomeen Boys Trust became junior birders at Badamwari. After introductions and a fun “favourite bird” icebreaker, they delved into the park’s wonders. Binoculars in hand, they observed bird behaviour and habitats, learning from field guides with expert help from Dr. Khaleel and Tahir. Storytelling by Tahir brought the birds to life, and teams even drew their discoveries. A “Spring Bingo” scavenger hunt had them spotting signs of spring, while a blindfolded bird migration game (Mallard vs. Red-crested Pochard!) tested teamwork and knowledge. To cap it off, the boys received a bird field guide and a poster to keep their birding adventures going.


Kids explored the Delhi forest, Sanjay Van, which was buzzing with life. A majestic Semal tree attracted Yellow-footed Green Pigeons and Indian Grey Hornbills. A busy Oriental Magpie Robin building its nest in a dead tree trunk kept everyone fascinated. Kids used pocket guides and created habitat exercises, discussing food, water, shelter, and nesting for birds. They played the “All in a Bird’s Life” game and learned about the challenges birds face in their lives. On the way back, the group was thrilled to see an Indian Spot-billed Duck with 8 adorable ducklings!

Mysore, Karnataka

Curious minds flocked to Lingambudhi Lake for a birdwatching adventure. They explored the vibrant bird community, learning about their habits and the importance of their habitat. Through sketching, memory games, and nature journaling, they transformed into citizen scientists, documenting their discoveries and deepening their appreciation for nature’s wonders. 

Kolkata, West Bengal

Despite a heatwave, young nature enthusiasts took flight at Rabindra Sarovar. The group explored the wonders of waterbirds. They spotted Asian Openbill Storks roosting, Great Egrets fishing, and White-throated Kingfishers calling. The scorching sun meant the walk was shorter, but the fun continued with bird-themed activities! Kids tested their knowledge with true/false quizzes, played “Match the Family” with bird flashcards, and unleashed their creativity by squiggling their own fantastical birds. Parents were impressed with the heat-conscious adaptations and engaging activities.

These walks were supported by the Oriental Bird Club.

For details of the partnering organisations, click here.

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