Our signature product — a box set of 40 flashcards on 40 common birds of India, developed to get children interested in and excited about birds and nature. As a fun, educational card game, they feature photographs on one side and information on the other, with icons for habitat and food, and a quiz section too. The illustrated cards are laminated and sturdy, ideal for use by children, indoors or in the field. They come with an instruction card which describes two games that can be played with the set, and for additional games we have created videos which explain the usage.

The flashcards are available in English, Hindi, Kannada and Tamil. Buy the English flashcards here and watch our instructional videos on flashcard games. Tamil flashcards can be purchased here, and the instructional videos are available in Tamil as well. Our Hindi flashcards are available for purchase here and they have instructional videos too. Get the latest Kannada flashcards here and watch the instructional videos here. 

Thanks to our funders, we are distributing Kannada, Hindi, and Tamil sets to groups and organisations that cannot afford to buy them. You can fill this form to refer a Government school or educator for receiving a complimentary set from us.