Exposing children to the wonders of nature brings numerous benefits, from fostering curiosity to promoting physical activity and emotional well-being. Yet, guiding children through outdoor experiences, especially bird walks, can present unique challenges. When it comes to bird walks, navigating these challenges while ensuring a fun and educational experience requires careful planning and consideration. We’re here to share some invaluable tips to make your bird walks with children a success.

Sighting Less Birds? No Problem!

  • Plan activities and games to keep children engaged.
  • Encourage keen observation and share interesting bird facts.
  • Scout your venue beforehand to ensure a successful birding experience.
Expect the Unexpected

  • Prepare for larger groups with volunteers and contingency plans.
  • Don’t cancel if you have fewer participants; adapt and continue the fun!
  • Tailor your session to your audience’s level of exposure for maximum engagement.
Have brainiac children in the group?

  • Acknowledge their knowledge and engage them.
  • Be patient and correct them when necessary.
  • Give them responsibilities to channel their energy positively.
Include Children with Visual Impairment

  • Incorporate sensory activities and indoor/outdoor sessions.
  • Utilize feathers, 3D models, and storytelling to enhance understanding.
  • Prioritize accessibility and safety at the venue, and communicate with caregivers for specific needs.
Promote Empathy for Birds

  • Engage children who disrupt nests with long-term conversations and empathy-building activities.
  • Share personal stories to connect the lives of birds with human experiences.
  • Utilize various communication modes like storytelling, art, and music for impactful learning.
Address the Gender Gap

  • Organize all-women walks and create safe spaces for female nature enthusiasts.
  • Understand constraints and preferences, especially regarding timing.
  • Collaborate with schools and involve parents and elderly women for broader community impact.

We’ve covered more about how to organise engaging bird walks for children in our latest session of the Birding Buddies Online Series. Watch the complete session on our YouTube channel.

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