A poem by Helly Malviya.

With wings of snow, a crown of jet,
He pirouettes, a bold silhouette.
The Indian Paradise, a sight untold,
A feathered dandy, brave and bold.
His tail, a comet, streaks the sky,
Two streamers white, that dance and fly.
A silent hunter, sharp of eye,
He swoops for prey, then soars on high.
Indian Paradise-Flycatcher (male) flying. Photo credits: Banu R/Canva.
In emerald woods, his home he makes,
Where sunlight filters through the brakes.
A flash of silver, then he wakes
And melody from slumber breaks.
Indian Paradise-Flycatcher (male) in its nest. Photo credits: Saswat Mishra.
The females, robed in russet hue,
With watchful eyes, their duties pursue.
Together build, a new anew,
For tiny lives, of turquoise blue.
Indian Paradise-Flycatcher (female) with chicks. Photo credits: Ujjal Sarkar/Canva.
A dance of love, a courtship bright,
He shows his plumes, a dazzling sight.
The winner's prize, a future's light,
To raise their young, with all their might.
Though beauty beckons, danger calls,
From feathered foes, with piercing claws.
But fierce they fight, to head nature's laws,
And life's frail flame, protect from flaws.
Indian Paradise-Flycatcher (male) in flight. Photo credits: Pushpasen/Canva.
A fleeting glimpse, a jewel rare,
The Indian Paradise, beyond compare.
May his vibrant dance, forever flare,
A dazzling wonder, we all can share.
Indian Paradise-Flycatcher (male) sitting on a tree branch. Photo credits: Albin Jacob.

Helly Malviya is a participant in ‘The Wonder of Birds’ online course offered for free by Early Bird. If you wish to learn more about the beauty and significance of birds, sign up for the course.

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