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Birds are beautiful, accessible and interesting, and a perfect starting point for introducing the marvels of nature to children. This 142-page ‘Handbook for Bird Educators‘ is a guide to inspire and equip educators – teachers, parents, birders, non-birders – with the information, tools and ideas to engage children about the wonder of birds. The handbook is loaded with information about birds, and practical and detailed instructions on conducting bird walks, talking to children about birds, and designing fun activities that are game-based and art-based, while promoting learning. 

The evocative line drawings create an instant connection with the subject, and bring focus to the importance of art-based learning for nature education. The handbook features 60+ games and creative activities, giving the educator a wealth of ideas to explore and adapt for their use.  

“It will be most useful for educators and I particularly appreciate the sensitive tips to not make children put off by the various threats to birds and  conservation concerns, but to first make them love and enjoy nature.”

– Tara Gandhi, author, ornithologist

Birdwatching can help children get started on what could potentially lead to a lifelong love and appreciation of the natural world, something that is sorely needed to heal us in this age of overwhelming loss of habitats, species and ecosystems. We hope that the handbook will convince adults to not feel limited by their perceived lack of knowledge or understanding of the natural world, and take the plunge, along with their children, to explore, discover and appreciate the fascinating world of birds!

“I went through the whole book, flipping the pages and reading some portions. Lovely is the word that comes to my mind. Well-designed, with simple language, good for children and teachers. I am sure it will be quite successful. Convey my good wishes to Early Bird.”

– Dr. Asad Rahmani, ex -director, BNHS

We’ve received some wonderful press coverage, and the handbook has been downloaded thousands of times and circulated around the world! Download it for free here

Handbook for Bird Educators’ launches on Oct 3rd, World Nature Day! Several online events are planned, starting with this online talk (registration required) by the authors. 

“Thanks for sharing an excellent publication, many congratulations. Great work of both art and science.”  

– Dr. V. B. Mathur, Chairperson of National Biodiversity Authority

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