Birds enchant and captivate us. Above all, they inspire us with their flight. Some birds fly at Everest-height across the Himalaya; others migrate from the North to the South Poles, and back — every year! 

Birds like these undertake heroic feats of migration annually, but even the everyday behaviours of our backyard birds are fascinating. So many aspects of bird behaviour are relatable – they sing and dance, they court their partners, they show affection and aggression, they defend their territories, they build homes and they care for their young. From the dance of the Sarus Crane to the song of the Whistling Thrush, there is so much to celebrate and discover about the birds around us.

At Early Bird, we’d like to share with you the sheer joy and wonder that birds bring to this beautiful planet of ours. So we’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of a new course ‘The Wonder of Birds’, which has been put together over the past year. This free, self-paced, online course is meant for anyone, child or adult, who is curious about the fascinating world of birds. No prior knowledge of birds is needed.

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