Here are a few testimonials from users who participated in our pilot project to test out the flashcards with children in schools and nature camps. We would love to hear from you as well, whether you purchased the Early Bird material for an individual child or for a group environment! Please leave your comments below or write to us at

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We liked the concept. The cards are designed nicely, very attractive. Whoever comes across any card, picks it up ! That's the power and positive about designing (and selected images). The thing we liked more about these cards is the activity / nature game that can be conducted using these cards. This will surely help people to identify birds, learn about their habitat, behaviour, their look-alikes and also remember them ! "Fun Facts" explained in "True or False" format are just perfect for kids and that is something kids can relate to easily 🙂

Devendra Foliage Outdoors, Pune 16th October 2015