A learning programme on birds and nature

While birdwatching and bird photography as popular hobbies have grown rapidly in the last decade, relatively little material exists for young children to learn about and get excited by birdwatching. In this project, we plan to develop a variety of educational materials, test these in the field and in the classroom, and refine the material based on their feedback. Through birds, we also hope to encourage and facilitate a deeper connection with nature.

The main objective of this effort will be to design and develop an educational “kit” or “curriculum” consisting or a set of interactive lessons or tutorials, each with a detailed teacher’s manual to guide the educator through a series of linked activities that flow into each other. The suggested activities would involve a set of educational aids – print material such as flashcards on common birds, a handy bird guide, posters for classroom display, as well as electronic resources such as videos and presentations highlighting interesting aspects of bird behaviour. These print and e-resources would also be available as standalone tools that can be used by nature groups conducting their own after-school programmes with children.

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The Early Bird project had initial funding support from Wipro Applying Thought in Schools, Ms. Vidya Chander and a CSR grant by Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Limited, and Cotton Casuals Pvt. Ltd. We are currently funded by Nilekani Philanthropies, and have also received support from MM Muthiah Research Foundation and Rainmatter Foundation.